Workshop of “duties and competencies of the National Council” held at the Ahlobait Institute of Higher Education

The ministry of state for parliamentary affairs organized a legal awareness program under the name of the “duties and competencies of the National Council” at the Ahlobait Higher Educational Institute.

The program was held on Sunday, 5/5/2019, with the presence of the chancellor, academic and administrative staff, students and staff of the Ministry of State for Parliamentary Affairs in the Institute.

Dr Sayed Habibullah Taheri, chancellor of the Ahlobait Institute of Higher Education, commended and expressed his gratitude to the Board of the Ministry of the Parliamentary Affairs, he pointed to the Institute’s achievements as a forerunner in the field of legal affairs, In this regard, he reminded:

A large number of graduates of the institute now study abroad at a postgraduate level, there are a number of domestic private universities and a large number of government and non-government departments serving the country. Mr. Taheri called for legal awareness of the individual of the community and the right to access to legal matters to the right of every citizen of the country. In the other part of his speech, he considers the unprofessional auspices of society as one of the most important problems, and pointed out that these problems are governed by the rule of law rather than the implementation of the law. The reason for this was the lack of awareness of the rights that the law and the shari’a were for the people of the society.

At the end of his speech, Mr. Taheri counted the awareness and access to the rights of the people of the community as a way of achieving justice in society and once again expressed his gratitude to the Minister of State for Parliamentary Affairs.

Ms. Ghayyumi, the head of the Department of State for Parliamentary Affairs, thanked the Institute’s Board of Governors for organizing this workshop to raise student awareness, outlining the goals and plans of the Ministry of Government in Parliamentary Affairs, and the main responsibility of the Ministry Called for parliamentary relations and coordination of the three forces and the National Council.

Then Sayed Mohammad Rahimi, a consultant to the Ministry of the Parliamentary Affairs, thanked the officials and the leadership of the institute for providing the groundwork for the workshop for students, and outlined the “duties and responsibilities of the Scientific Council”, which was the title of the workshop.

During the workshop, students’ questions were also raised and their questions answered.

At the end of the program, the admiral’s letter was also presented to the leadership of the Institute by the delegation of the Ministry of Government Affairs in parliamentary affairs.