Student Association

Students association at the Ahlobait Institute of Higher Education has been held to provide scientific, cultural and social activities to enhance students capacities and abilities.

The first election of the Association was held to determine the chairman, deputy and secretary among law students, Sharia students and political science on Saturday, 15/12/2018, and midwifery students on Sunday, 16/12/2018. The election was held by the Student Election Commission, composed of four students, under the supervision of two professors and election observers, in a free, secret and transparent manner, which resulted in the election of two presidential candidates, Mr. Sayed Mehdi Sarwary, from the sixth semester as chairman and from among Three nominees, Mr. Najibullah, were elected only as Second Vice Assistant and from among the two candidates, Mr. Maysam Misagh, from the Third Semester as Secretary of the Student Association. We wish success to the Board of the Student Association of the Ahlobait Institute of Higher Education.