Midwives International Day Celebrated

The International Day of Midwives was celebrated at Ahlobait Higher Institution during a scientific and cultural seminar on May 5, 2019.

The ceremony which was held by midwifery faculty, were attended by the chancellor, faculties,  staff and students of the Institute.

The ceremony began with the recite of several verses from the Word of Allah and then the national anthem was broadcasted.

Ms. Roqiyah Askari, the head of the Faculty of midwifery, the first speaker of the program, congratulated the Midwife International day on the occasion of the midwife’s sense of responsibility for the healthy birth of newborns in the community.

Referring to the World’s Day of Midwives on May 5, the World Health Organization (WHO) and the International Criminal Tribunal for the International Women’s Day (WHM) celebrated the fifth of May, one day Important and important.

Ms. Askari described the progress and challenges of the health care of newborns in the country. According to the Ministry of Public Health, pre-natal care was 9%  in 2002, while now 48%  47% of those who were currently in the midwife were in the hands of midwives, compared with 14%  in 2002 sideeffects onine .

Despite the fact that the increase in health care during pregnancy and pre-pregnancy was significant, he said, considering the figures of the Ministry of Public Health, which are now in 100,000  The birth of 661  people in childbirth is a life-threatening problem; it is a major challenge to the health of mothers who are in the country.

Ms. Askari expressed her hope that more active midwifery in the country would provide maternal health and healthy tomorrow.

Sayed Habibullah Taheri, chancellor of Ahlobait Institute of Higher Education, was among the speakers of the ceremony, Mr. Taheri spoke about the problems and problems of maternal health by congratulating the International Women’s Day to the students of the Institute.

The wars, the unfortunate cultures, the backwardness of the people from the caravan of science, the forced punishment and the frequent birth of children are considered as maladministration that endangers the health of children and mothers in the country.

He noted the poverty and shortage of health centers as one of the other challenges that had dominated the society, had negative effects on mothers and newborns. Mr. Taheri praised the great mission of midwives and called midwives “angels of salvation” of human society.

Professor Somayeh Riazi, a professor at the Institute for the International Motto (ICM) in 2019, spoke to women’s rights defenders in midwifery and called midwives a champion of all women’s rights.

Ms. Riazi also provided information on delivery in the water by providing a seminar on the importance of maternal health in childbirth, and described the various dimensions of childbirth in the future.

In this part of the program, Mrs. Jalili spoke about the importance of the health of our women in the water, expressing the goals and objectives of the school.

Mrs. Jalili was an important, at the same time, authoritative work and talked about the responsibility of the midwife in the childbirth section.

The ceremony ended with an entertainment program.