Examination of Scholarship abroad was held

The Ahlobait Institute of Higher Education is proud to have successfully completed the sixth round of the scholarship abroad for the master’s degree in accordance with the agreement with Ahlobait International University (Tehran).

This test was conducted on Tuesday, 25/1/2019 at 9:00 am at the Ahlobait Institute of Higher Education-Kabul, with 90 students in eight fields of study and the presence of the officials of the Ahlobait educational institution and the respected representative of the founder.

From Thursday, 17/1/2019, according to a timetable for 5 working days, an interview will be conducted for the volunteers, after the special stages, a number of the most prestigious students in the fields will be selected for final selection and will be introduced to the Ahlobait International University (Tehran)

The Ahlobait Institute of Higher Education over the past years and this year has been one of the leading educational institutions in the field of scholarships abroad for dear students from all over Afghanistan.