This Week Events

Spring Semester

Beginning of lessons: 23/03/2019

Beginning of “mid term exam”: 04/05/2019

Ending of “mid term exam”: 16/05/2019

End of lessons: 04/07/2019

Final exam beginning date: 13/07/2019

Final exam ending date: 01/08/2019

Autumn Semester

Beginning of lessons: 24/08/2019

Beginning of “mid term exam”: 05/09/2019

Ending of “mid term exam”: 17/10/2019

End of lessons: 07/12/2019

Final exam beginning date: 14/12/2019

Final exam ending date: 02/01/2020


The mission of the Ahlobait Institute of Higher Education is to educate qualified and committed people to lead and manage the future of the country by working with scientific and educational foundations to promote transcendental human values in order to ultimately have a society that has equal opportunities. Provides for the development of women and men from all walks of life.

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Student Portal

Since technology is getting developed and improved rapidly, in order to maintain information and data related to an organization and decrease amount of time while accessing those data a system is required

Sib system is a comprehensive student management system designed to handle information and educational records related to students and organization.