The Third Graduation Ceremony Held at Ahlobait Institute

The Third Graduation Ceremony Of The Students Of The Humanities And The First Graduation Ceremony Of Students Of Midwifery Celebrated At Ahlobait Institute Of Higher Education.

This Magnificent Celebration Was Started By Reciting A Few Words Of Holy Quran By One Of The International Qariars Of The Country, Followed By The Beautiful Anthem Of The Country. Then, A Student From The Institute Read The Article On Behalf Of The Students.

The Speaker Of This Magnificent Celebration Was Sayed Rahmatullah Mortazavi Founder Of Ahlobait Assembly (Kabul), Ahlobait Private School And Ahlobait Institute Of Higher Education, Who Spoke About The Importance Of Science And Knowledge As Well As The Key Role Of Literate Mothers In The Education Of Their Children.

At The End Of The Ceremony, All The Students Who Graduated Were Awarded The Gratitude And Statue Of The Institute