The 13th Round of Konkor Exam Held at Ahlobait Educational Institution

The Konkor Exam Has Been Held On 15/03/2019 For The Academic Year 2019 At The Ahlobait Institute Of Higher Education.

This Exam, Which Was Held On Friday 15th Of March, Also Included The Presence Of The Dear Representative Of The Ministry Of Higher Education Of The Islamic Republic Of Afghanistan, The Deputy Of The Ahlobait Assembly- Kabul, Chancellor And Other Colleagues Of The Institute.

This Is The Thirteenth Round Of An Undergraduate Degree Exam At The Ahlobait Institute Of Higher Education, Which Is Held Every Year For Four Courses Of Law, Political Science, Theology And Midwifery.

The Ahlobait Institution, In Addition To Admitting An Undergraduate Students, Annually Collects A Large Number Of Science And Technology Applicants At A Postgraduate Level In Reputable Universities Abroad.